Try out the WordPress SeedBank Plugin!

This website is a demo of the WordPress SeedBank plugin, maintained by Meitar “maymay” Moscovitz.

You can view the seed exchanges as a visitor would see them, or log yourself in to try it out:

  • Username: editor
  • Password: password

Once logged in, you can see how the seed exchange listing looks from the point of view of registered members.

Make any changes you want! You can create seed exchanges, add or edit its organizing system, write test blog posts, and freely experiment with the software. All changes you make to this website are reset every hour.

WP-SeedBank in the Press

WP-SeedBank is a 100% volunteer project. There are no paid developers. There is no staff. There is also no budget. If you use this software, or like the idea, or just want to help sustain future development, donations to either The Hummingbird Project or donations to me (the plugin maintainer) personally are sincerely appreciated.

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